Masai fetching contaminated waterWater supply in rural areas is mostly managed by local water committees, who however mostly don’t have the technical and adminstrative skills to really do a good job. That’s why 40% of all new water projects in rural areas fail within 3-5 years. Provided there is sufficient economics of scale, Maji Milele is interested to act as a private service supplier. We do that within the concept of ‘Public Ownership, Private Management’. We originally did for 3 prepaid handpumps in Kajiado and per 2018 we will also do it in Siaya county, where we will eventually provide water for more than 100,000 people. The goal for 2018 is 50,000 people. All users will get water via prepaid meters (communal kiosks or individual connections). Extremely poor people can get limited amounts of free water and each and every person is going to get ‘Maji Osafi’ points, a kind of airmiles, but in this case the points can only be used to get discount on selected sanitation products.