Maji Milele works in different parts of Kenya and always engages with new innovative business concepts. Donations are very welcome and will, in line with your preferences, either be used for helping poor communities that lack funding to get access to safe water, or to support us in testing new business models or a combination of both. More information, see below.


TAP 21: cheap access to purified water via prepaid water stations

Amost 20 million people in Kenya drink water with unhealthy fluoride or salt levels, mostly coming from boreholes. The only safe alternative for all these people is bottled water, which is environmentally unfriendly, but even more important, it is extremely expensive (by average about Kes 400=US$ 4 per 20 liter). With support from ViaWater,  Maji Milele starts per July 2017 with a new project that aims to provide access to purified water at Kes 60 per 20 liters. We will not do this ourselves, but rather via local entrepreneurs, who will invest in water purification equipment and prepaid water dispensing stations. The extreme price reduction is possible because bottling is expensive (plastic, cleaning and sealing), but also because bottled water attracts excise duties of Kes 116 per 20 liter. Prepaid purified water dispensing stations are open 24/7 and no staff is required. We have identied several entrepreneurs that are willing to invest, but they don’t have capital. If you can support this groundbreaking project, please connect with us and we will inform you about the entrepreneurs that need financial support.  For this project we look for donations of € 500 or more.


‘Airmiles’ for hygiene and sanitation.

Via the prepaid water meters we have data of daily water consumption per user. We now want to introduce ‘water saving points’ that can be swapped for essential hygiene and sanitation products. With these water saving points, Maji Milele wants to broaden the impact of our work from access to safe water to improved hygiene and sanitation. With saving points people can get access to free products like soap, sanitary pads or get discounts on soap dispensers, towels, latrine slabs, etc. We eventually also want t involve suppliers of such goods for which we can make advertisement on the payment tokens. We will start with this ideas in Siaya county in 2018. You can support this project by any amount. Bank details are below.


Chlorine dispensers

Even if people have access to safe water from public water points, the water is often not safe for drinking. The reason for this is that people fetch water with jerrycans that are used again and again and that means that they nearly always have bacteria. Chlorine dispensers at public water points enable people to add one drop of chlorine, which is enough to kill all remaining bacteria in a jerrycan. Our clients often focus on access to safe water, but forget about this last point to ensure water safety at the point of use. Maji Milele would like to provide free chlorine dispensers to clients/communities. The price of one chlorine dispenser is about € 150 and refilling this for 3 years takes another € 150.

 Contact and bank details

You can contact us for more information. If you want to donate, our (Dutch) bank account is: NL31RABO 0153444088. Please also call us or send a mail to to inform us on how you want us to use your money. We will report back to you.