Our real start was in 2013 when we, with financial support from Aqua for All, piloted our business concept with 3 prepaid water ATMs in Kaijado, Kenya. The pilot was technically successful and financially promising. Based on this, our founder Marcel Schreurs decided in 2014 to establish Maji Milele Ltd.

The first 1.5 years were very difficult, but this changed in 2016 with new clients like Oxfam UK, Mercy Corps and eventually Nairobi Water. In 2017 Maji Milele expanded our product portfolio with prepaid and smart water meters and we ensured that all our products are integrated with mobile payment. By July 2020 we had clients in over 30 counties in Kenya and we now also have clients in Sudan and South Sudan and Uganda. Clients in Uganda are served by Water Forever Uganda.


Other milestones in our history are:
– 2015: Maji Milele received soft funding (US$347,000) from Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund

– 2016: Founder Marcel Schreurs received a World Water Leadership Award in India at World CSR Day

– 2016: Nomination for the Sankalp Africa Award

– 2017: Many new NGOs as clients and start of installation of ATMs in Nairobi informal settlements

– 2019: Maji Milele gets engaged in selling purified water: 2 qualities of water via one ATM

– 2020: In partnership with Untapped we now also offer financing options to our clients.