Our mission is to revolutionize sustainability in the African water sector. We do that by offering several types of prepaid water metering solutions. With our prepaid meters in place revenues go up by average 400%, while there is 100% online transparency.


Our business principles and values can be summarized as follows:

  • We are a for-profit social enterprise. Making profit is important, but the main objective of making profits is to improve and extend our services. Shareholders and managers deserve a reasonable reward, but not more than that.
  • Access to water is a Human Right, but sustainable water distribution is not for free.
  • The price of water must be low.
  • Extremely poor people can be enabled to get a minimum amount of water free of charge (to be discussed at community level)
  • If possible, we organize our services in such a way that a community savings account (see ‘About our work’) is part of our offer.
  • Service, honesty and transparency are our key values. For transparency: see our online dashboard.
  • We intend to comply with international CSR-guidelines on themes like environmental protection, employment regulations, gender, child protection, prevention of corruption and chain responsibility. Please contact us/inform us if you think we don’t comply!