Our main NGO partners are:

Aqua for All in the Netherlands. Aqua for All financed the pilot project which sparked the foundation for setting up our company. Aqua for All still supports us with a recoverable grant.

SNV Kenya was of enormous help during the pilot project in 2013 with prepaid hand pumps.

AMREF Kenya is another organization that provided great support. AMREF coordinated the preventive maintenance services for the prepaid hand pumps in Kaijado.

Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (Kenya CIC) is our latest partner.  A partnership was signed in May 2015. Kenya CIC will support us with new market and network opportunities and they will also help to link up with co-investors.

We thank all these organizations for the great support! Their belief in the potential of prepaid water services was not only lip service, but all these organizations have really contributed beyond what one can normally expect from them.

In 2019 we added Practica Foundation to our partner list. Practica supports affordable and functional rural water supply solutions in multiple countries. Practica works with local partners in Uganda. In 2019 Water Forever Uganda installed prepaid water ATMs for local partners, but more is expected.