A new report was published by Oxfam with strong recommendations on how water ATMs can improve eficiency, transparency and accountability. see: http://water ATMs experience

The Oxfam report is about Turkana and Wajir. Another project is in Marsabit. KTN news reported about this in July 2018. See:  Prepaid meters in Marsabit

2017 and earlier

Several big organizations are interested in our business concept and did put this on paper in a letter of intent. Among them:


“This could be the next big thing in Kenya; We had Equity Bank, M-pesa, Facebook, Twitter, …..etcetera. Prepaid water metering could be the next big thing”.


“UNICEF is very interested in the Maintenance & Service concept for pre paid water points”

Millennium Water Alliance

“It fits very well in the renewed water policies in Kenya on promoting public private partnerships”

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“The concept contains many elements for a potential breakthrough in this field”