After 4 years in business with 5 different brands of prepaid meters (we contineu with only 3) and in many different contexts (rural versus urban, communal meters and individual meters, highly commercial clients versus clients with a social approach) we consider ourselves as worldwide experts in prepaid water metering solutions.

Before starting with prepaid metering, we advise new players clients to consult us first. This may help you to develop good set-ups and to avoid unnecessary costs. If you want to start small, please call us or pass by at our office for advise. If you want to roll out big projects, we advise to invite us to the project site to help you to prevent wrong choices and to design viable and costs effective set-ups. You can reach out to our CEO ( if you need this kind of service. You can also hire his expertise on social enterprise development

Marcel offers his services at internationally competitive rates. Discount rates are offered to NGOs/organizations that aim to create development impact.